Striving to meet the Rural Energy Needs in Pakistan


After working on various sources of domestic energy, it was in late 2007 that BETA PAK observed successful supply of Biogas to rural communities in the province of Punjab and started replicating that model in the province of NWFP. The experience of establishing a couple of decentralized small and medium domestic Biogas Plants was highly successful. Thereafter BETA PAK embarked upon establishment of small and medium biogas plants in large numbers in various parts of NWFP and Punjab in partnership with various agencies. The response of rural communities was very positive and thus the technology got popular support from the masses at large. The experience was shared with national and international intellectuals working in the renewable energy technology and it was overwhelmingly appreciated by the audience as the most suitable and indigenous technology for solving the rural energy crisis in Pakistan at a low cost and in a shortest possible time.   

After getting such intellectual and community confidence, PETA PAK then increased its activities and developed partnership with various national and regional agencies besides consulting the research and development institutions for country and area specific research in the area. Small but very relevant and useful modifications suited to various situations were done in the design and operational aspects of the biogas digester that worked more efficiently after adopting to the modified situations. With increased efforts and commitments BETA PAK has established an office staffed with core staff required for the development, implementation and maintenance of biogas plants in rural areas and thus successfully running a small but highly innovative programme of rural biogas technologies in Pakistan.   

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