Striving to meet the Rural Energy Needs in Pakistan


  Taking into account only tangible benefits, biogas plant is economically viable as it increases income of the rural households by Rs. 5150/-per month in terms of cost of the alternate fuels that they were using before development of biogas besides production of organic manure for boosting agricultural productivity. An analysis of the economic benefits of the project is given bellow (estimated in Pak Rupees):

 Comparison of with and without Project Scenario:

 Items                                 Cost without Biogas plant         Cost with Biogas Plant

                                                 (Pak Rs.)                                  (Pak Rs.)

LPG (2 cylinder)                               2500                                            0

Fuel-wood (3 mound)                        1000                                            0

Dung cakes                                     1000                                             0

Chemical fertilizer *                           650                                              0

Total                                              5150/-                                          0

 Expected Quantitative Impacts of the project:

 Saving made by rural family using a biogas plant per month        =       Rs. 5150/-

 * Replacement value of chemical fertilizer is as under:

One biogas unit meets the needs of fertilizer of 2 acres of land per annum. In addition greenhouse gas emission from raw dung thrown in open is controlled and use of decomposed manure in soil not only increases its fertility but also produce healthy organic food thereby reducing the health bill of the family.

 On an average agri. crop needs fertilizer;        Urea = 4 bags, DAP= 2 bags

 Monthly saving of chemical fertilizer;Urea/DAP=2-4 bags(saving Rs.650/month)

Total saving in terms of money;    Rs. 5150/ per plant per